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About Me

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When I was 10 my life began to change. My Dad was diagnosed with early onset Dementia at the early age of 43. Suddenly an ordinary childhood transformed into one in which I emotionally lost my Dad. My secondary school experience was miserable, I was bullied. For many years I was depressed and at times couldn’t leave my house. I kept this to myself and never asked for support.

Only in my 30s did I start to realise that my childhood had a lasting impact on my ability to relate to others, my confidence. and levels of self esteem. 


I decided to train as a counsellor as I have a genuine belief that everyone has the right to be more confident and reach their full potential...or get close to it!!

I am a BACP registered counsellor. This means I have been approved by the BACP to offer counselling and follow a set of ethical and professional guidelines. These guidelines are designed to make sure  your interests and safety are number one.





To book an appointment please email me.

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