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Counselling Services with Mark

You may not feel or think you're good enough. You struggle with low confidence and low self esteem. This is something you've felt for some time and you're fed up with it and you want to change. This is where I can help you.


I'm a psychotherapist based in Bromley. I work with people to make their life better. I’ll help you to explore and help you to make sense of it with the aim to give you a toolbox for you to move forward with your life in a better and more manageable way.

I'm qualified as an integrative counsellor. This means  I will take your lead and work with you in the way that suits you best. I want to ensure you receive the best chance of making changes to your life which are positive. 

I work individually with adults across a range of issues including:

  • Anger 

  • Anxiety

  • Careers and work issues

  • Depression

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship issues

  • Self harm

  • Sexuality

  • Stress

I am a BACP Registered Member. This means I am recognised by the BACP as a qualified counsellor.


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